Use RIFE for interpolating

Hi, I sometimes use VEAI to interpolate videos and I’ve noticed that it’s quite slow compared to other interpolators I use. These use RIFE to interpolate and they do it quite fast. I think it would be good for VEAI to implement RIFE to interpolate video.

I have used Dain and Rife before and Rife can interpolate very well, but unfortunately I can’t use Rife anymore, because it produces flickering in brightness with each interpolated image and that looks like a slight stroboscopic effect :unamused:. According to my tests, Apollo comes closest to RIFE. RIFE is unfortunately also bad at scene changes as long as you can’t use a tool with a scene-change-detection.

I did some critical testing that included RIFE and reported on it here.
I probably shared the link before for the files I used, but here it is again.

My conclusion is that RIFE is the worst of the bunch for this particular clip.