Use original as input - TS2

Is it possible now or can it be possible in the future to be able to use the original image as the input when applying a second look?

In TS1 this features was great for being able to create quite a say painterly under layer and then layer over top say a sketch type effect ) with details from the original image.

Maybe it is possible now … if so could someone tell me how please.


I suspect that in Photoshop what you would be looking at is a Smart Object - where you can add different filter effects to the same image inside one layer…?

I am scratching my head to see if a “Smart Object” can be replicated inside TS2?!?!?

In the Rostami Preset inside TS2, I haven’t yet explored the structure of the preset to see if it has - in its TS2 implementation - used the “Use Original Image As Input” facility?

If you right click on any Filter or Look one of the options is “Use original image as input”.


Thank you Paul

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Jack I don’t use Photoshop … it was something I was using in the original Topaz Studio … Paul has suggested it is right click … will try once the updating finishes on my laptop :slight_smile:

Success :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, Sharon.

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