Use arrow keys when trimming

re. Video AI v3.2.9

I’m unable to successfully 'trim" a video using the keyboard left/right arrow keys.

  • Single-press/release of either button will advance/retard the selection by one frame (good)
  • Pressing & holding of (for example) the right button will scrub forward through the video (also good) but once I release the button, pressing either left or right buttons will ALWAYS advance the selection by one frame (bad).

Logs and DXDiag profile available once I figure out how to upload them!


Currently, using the arrow keys will NOT move the trim selection. What you are seeing is the preview of the file advancing when you use the arrow keys. You can double check this by looking at the frames that are selected. If you start at frame 0 and use your right arrow key, you will notice that the frame does not change from frame 0.

This is a great idea and is something that I have shared with our team.

Thanks for getting back to me - fingers crossed it makes it into a future version :slightly_smiling_face:

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