[Urgent] While using generative remove Topaz is crashing frequently

[Please describe your issue here. Try to include logs (Help → Logging) and add screenshots if necessary.]

Steps to reproduce issue: Upload a .cr3 file.

  1. Step 1: Upload a .cr3 file where there is a leaf in front of a large bird
  2. Step 2: Try selecting the leaf to remove and use the select object
  3. Step 3: Topaz will crash!

Due to this, I’m unable to use the product, Please help.

Topaz Photo AI [2.4.0] on [Mac]

Some times it’s working now!

If you get further crashes you need to send your log files to Support, so they can look into it.

You are unlikely to get help from Topaz people here. You need to raise a support ticket and send them the logs. And the file.
You are welcome to upload your cr3 file here so others can see what the issue is and maybe help.

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