Upscaling to 4K using ProRes 4444 XQ keeps stalling

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Hello, this is my first time to use Topaz Video AI.
I’m trying to upscale some 20+ year old video footage. I opted for 4K 60 FPS.

I have a top of the range brand new Macbook Pro, M2 Max chip, 64 Gb RAM and I use external storage for most of my work. My storage device is a 1Tb drive with currently some of the upscaling done, maybe halfway through, there is 522 Gb available.

I’m also trying to make 2 passes to Reduce Jittery Motions. Topaz for the second time now (this has taken in total approx 8 hours so far) gets stuck at about 14% of the second pass. The HD light is flickering but Topaz hasn’t moved anything for the last hour.

I’m new to all this high level video stuff so I have zero idea about what the problem might be, sorry.
My laptop is literally 2 months old, runs like a dream so it’s not that. I will try and upscale the same footage using different parameters to see if that changes anything, less resolution and drop down a few ProRes levels.

I’ve downloaded my log file and will upload now.

logsForSupport.tar.gz (4.0 MB)

you are using the ProRes codec incorrectly
ProRes requires HDR and 10bit

if they are not there, then first use ProRes 422 Standard then 4444 XQ

Thank you for that advice, I did not know that was the case.

I retried it just now with ProRes Standard as you suggested and guess what, it stopped at the same part again. Arrgghh.

BUT. I had gone upstairs to do something and left the laptop stuck, on the table downstairs. The light on the external HD was still flashing as if it were writing to disk but Topaz wasn’t moving at all. After I came back downstairs I noticed that the HD wasn’t flashing and Topaz had finished its upscaling. Hoo-rah! It was apparently continuing to do its job but the numbers on the screen had stalled. But obviously it was still working. I played the resultant video, which was a bit choppy but that’s something I can tweak. It looks better and that’s the main thing.

So thank you for your advice my friend and thank you Topaz for having such brilliant software. Win win. :slight_smile:

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