Upscaling screen recording of software poor quality

Hi, I’m using Topaz Video 4.0.9 and hoping someone can help with an issue I’m having
I am trying to upscale a good quality HD 1920 x 1080 vid to 4K

The video is a screen recording of a software tutorial so shows the interface of my specific software.

I’ve tried every different enhancement AI model but cannot get any usable results.
The text from the UI and menus etc get distorted or just looks worse than the original HD video

The closest so far was Artemis
Input quality - Low

But its still not ok, I can’t even use it at all

Can anyone help or advise how I can get better results please, much appreciated
Many thanks

If Gaia doesn’t keep the text readable, than you might be stuck with non AI upscaling for now.

Thanks for the reply! and by non-AI option, do you mean not using Topaz, then?

Yes. Any video editor type program that has a lanczos filter scaling option.