Upscaling Crashing Overnight - Previously Stable

  1. TopazAI is crashing on the latest version. I have been processing videos for over a year without issue (Except previous faulty Topaz versions) and now as of the latest update + nvidia drivers Topaz crashes every time I render overnight, after several hours of processing. The computer itself has no other stability issues. Windows Event Viewer reports Resource Exhaustion (Topaz using 40-50GB+ where that never happened before) and the graphics driver reports an error just before the out of memory issue.

  2. RTX 4060 mobile. i7-13620H, 32GB DDR4, Win11 (Latest Windows Updates + Nvidia Driver)

  3. (898.8 KB)

  4. No screenshot needed, jobs fail with the red “X”

Ive lost weeks upon weeks this year due to topaz bugs, I’d really like to get a license extension as this program is not cheap.

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