Upscaling and image size

image size and upscaling do not appear to work simultaneously

For Example

Original Size 20x30 in
Resolution 72 px/inch

New size 10x15
Resolution 300j px/inch

When saving the image it is saved as a 10x15 but at 72 px per inch

Do I need to change the image size first and save
then proceed to changing the image resolution?

I want to avoid megapixel file sizes

The dots per inch saved in the meta data refer to the printer, not to the image. Your image is a digital thing. it has no size you could measure in inch via a ruler unless you have it on paper. Without having the width in inch on paper you can not calculate how many dots per inch your image has. The digital image only has pixels. It is x pixels wide and y pixels tall. In theory if you want to print it with 300 dpi and you want it to be 10 inch wide you can calculate how many pixels wide the image must be. I made a batch file that can calculate this for you. :smiley:

dpi to (262 Bytes)

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Doing some kind of Don Quichotte fight here, aren’t you?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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