Upscale old AVI file to 4K in 4.1.0 simply copies input to output

The previous version of Video AI was working well on my system for MP4 input
but I installed 4.1.0 and tried to upscale an old AVI file to 4K and it runs but produces a _prob3 output file that is slightly smaller than the input file and is basically the un-upscaled input. I believe it’s smaller because I trim a couple seconds off of it during processing but it does not get upscaled.

The input file is available if you wish and is fairly small.

DxDiag.txt (110.2 KB) (21.9 KB)

The Nyx model and the Focus Fix option disable the upscaling!

Our team is aware of an issue that users are experiencing with the latest version that affects presets.

We are working to address this in an upcoming update release and hoping to have it out as quickly as we can.

In the meantime users are encouraged to roll back a version via the Video AI releases - community page or they are able to manually select the settings if they do not want to uninstall and reinstall their current version.

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