Upscale & frame interpolation

Upscale first then interpolate will give better result since compression effect is removed but it’s too slow.
Interpolate first will be faster but running the model on videos with a lot of artifacts does not give a satisfying output.
Is there a way to enhance this process?

There’s another post on here that I’m not finding right away.
They suggest running a cleaning pass at 100% scale. Then interpolate. Then upscale.
They even mentions the time difference in doing it that way compared to how you suggested.

From my own testing, I have found movies that work okay that way, but others that get random large blur-clouds that aren’t there if I upscale before interpolating.

Personally, I have a machine that I leave running all the time. I’m okay if it takes a full week to process a 3 hour movie on that, but I realize that’s not an option for everyone.

What is a “cleaning pass?” Thanks.

No upscaling, just letting the model do decompression denoise and the likes.