Upscale Artwork Request

I’ve tested a variety of classic artwork used on retro computers and other artworks and there’s no way to get a good result using this photo software. Whilst I know it’s photo software it would be great if this could be added - what if I photo a wall of such artwork and want to upscale it? I can’t.

Please consider this as a feature and see attached a basic example of what we see when using it at the moment.

It is going to smooth out the jaggies, if all you want to do is preserve the classic artistic pixel look with the jaggies any nearest neighbor nonAI pixel replication upsizer in any tool can do this.

the art&cg model is going to be your best bet for converting it to a sharper cartoon, but that loses the pixel charm. I used it for upscaling 32px game inventory icons upto 128px because the native upscaling of the display was leaving the jaggies.