It would be nice to see product upgrade changes posted when they are released.
Everyone doesn’t use every product all the time. Especially important at this time when so many people’s copies will need to be upgraded. I am not seeing notices when upgrades pass from the beta stage to final copies. I’m sure that most people would want to have the most recent upgrade downloaded before they must pay for a new year.

Hi Eleanore, you should be able to see the changes/bug fixes in the first post for the product in the Product Release section on this website. Minor updates will also be added in that first post.

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Thank you Don. I realize that the versions are posted here. I’m getting close to my anniversary date and want to make sure that before it passes, I have the most recent version of all of the apps. At this point, unless an update offers something significant that I must have, I will stick with what I own.

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Even when your renewal date passes, you are still able to download the latest version you were entitled to at that time. In other words, you don’t have to necessarily download updates before the renewal date. Your licensed products dashboard should show you your last entitled version number.