Upgrade to Gigapixel 7.0 fails

Upgrade to Gigapixel 7.0 from 6.3.3 fails on my windows 10 laptop. No problem with my windows 11 laptop. Upgrade starts but terminates without any error message

Download the full installer and use that. Do you have multiple versions installed?

I try to download Gigapixel 7.0 but it does not seem to complete the installation, as after the download from the Topaz email it continues to direct photos to the old 5.2 version. Do you think this issuenwill be resolved by downloading the full installer? If you do think it will fix the problem, how do I find the full installer and then make sure the download is complete and that my Apple Studio works - pictures are channeled into the 7.2 version and not the 5.2 version? I am sorry to ask so many questions but this aspect of photography is not my strong suit. Thanks in advance

Download v7.0.2, full installer, from here.

There is no link in your "Download v7.0.2, full installer from here.

The link in the grey box takes you to another thread where the download links are posted.

But this is an old topic you’ve replied to, and there are newer releases of Gigapixel. The link in the box below will take you to the latest release thread.

It is still there in the first post …