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I’m wondering if upgrades will now automatically tell you NOT to download an upgrade if your upgrade time is up? Or prevent you from downloading? On every filter? I hope so…

The REASON I’m asking is because I accidentally downloaded a Sharpen AI update a while ago which I had not paid for (time was up) and it disabled sharpen until I fixed it. I’m thinking of getting a year’s upgrade on all of them soon but would rather wait till that issue is fixed.


You can delay the notification under the Help-> Check for updates menu. There is no way to disable altogether at this point in time.

how would i know if an update was my last paid update?

Just check on your account at the main website and it will tell you when your upgrade licence expires.

I’m not sure why that happened the way you described. You should see a dialog box that tells you your current license does not include the update. If you want to download you would have to renew.


Thank you Kathy, good to know and that is very helpful! I think it happened because it was pretty early on and they hadn’t put that there yet. I’ll be renewing in the future, soon I hope.

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This is what I see when I run Sharpen AI:

And if I click on Yes, it downloads something (though I’m not immediately seeing where to), I get this:

When did this dialog get implemented? Maybe those of us that haven’t renewed, have versions pre-dating this?!

I didn’t try click yes on the second dialog, since I know my license is expired.

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Sorry, I don’t know when Topaz implemented this. I have always received this message when either launching the software and it does an automatic check for updates or if I manually went to Help - Check for software updates. I have not renewed/purchased any of the license upgrades.

Agree this is a nightmare. Went to use sharpen AI this morning and it said an update was available, no mention that I am not licensed for it. Installed the update and then it says you are not licensed and need to renew subscription. I am now having to re install the previous version. Is this Topaz way of forcing you to update? Used to like this company but am now seriously concerned about their update policies. As an early adopter I was told updates were free for life, clearly only for very short lives.

Dennis - I’m not sure why you are not getting the message before downloading but I’m sure Topaz would want to know this process is not working out/upsetting their customers.

You can place a support ticket here https://help.topazlabs.com/hc/en-us

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