Upgrade Question

I purchased the Photo Upgrade Plan for denoise AI, sharpen AI, etc. However, my question is…for those people who have previously purchased these products and do NOT want to upgrade, will they still be able to use their purchased products in the future? Until they stop working because they haven’t upgraded?

I have a camera club and they’d like to know. Thank you.

I have not upgraded and will not. I purchased under the agreement for lifetime upgrades. Now, the last update to my Denoise is putting a nag screen in to upgrade and it cant be turned off. only delay every 2 weeks before it shows again. Unacceptable. Topaz has failed me. Ok products that I have endorsed to my peers but not anymore. I could live without updates but not to be nagged every few weeks to upgrade. No way would I recommend their products.
But to answer your question, yes you can still use them.


Yes that is so but they will need to upgrade to the v2.2.12 of DeNoise to be able to turn off the update notice.

You cant turn it off at that version. I am running it now and it only allows the nag to delay for 2 weeks unless I am missing something.