Upgrade issues for Gigapixal v4.4.6 to v5.5.1

I have Gigipixal 4.4.6 and every time I download and try to install the latest upgrade (PC), it goes through the motions but never shows that its the latest version when I start the program. The says I need to upgrade latest version to v5.5.1

Firstly, have you downloaded the full installer from the Topaz Labs website, or the relevant thread in the Product Release section on this Forum, and installed using that?

It sounds as though it is being installed in a separate location on your Hard Disk, search the disk and see if there is another version there. If there is uninstall the v4.4.6 and reinstall the v5.5.1

That was it, it was installed in a folder called Topaz Labs LLC. The old one did not have the LLC. But now I have to upgrade it. Wasn’t quite ready to do that.

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