Updating Topaz Photo AI

Everytime I click on the “update availble” which appears on top, I get no reaction. After trying a couple of time, I have to authenticate because I’m suddenly in “demo” mode.
The only option is to download the latest version from your website, install it and re-authenticate the version.
After doing that, the program works perfectly.

Hi @johnny.de_gruyter, does this happen with every update that we release for Topaz Photo AI for you?

Most of the time, Werner.
Occasional, it works from time to time, but most of the time I need to download the version seperatly and install it. No big problem, as I also download and keep a copy of the latest installed version on my nas.
And then I need to authenticate every time after installation.
It’s not blocking as there’s a sollution. I’m using Windows10 with the latest updates.

Understood – if this happens again with version 1.3.3 that we are releasing later today, please create a new post on our bugs and issues forum so we can troubleshoot!

Bugs and Issues - Photo AI

Hi Werner,

I will create a new post on the forum.

But I want to share my installation process in this word-file.

Didn’t had to authorise this time, but pushing the “update” button 3 time, before getting a correct installation. Only when I used “account - check for updates”, the download of the version started. Both times I pressed the “update” button on the right top, I only got an error message (see the word-file attached).


(Attachment Topaz Photo AI 1.3.3 installation.docx is missing)

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