Updating Topaz Photo AI

Everytime I click on the “update availble” which appears on top, I get no reaction. After trying a couple of time, I have to authenticate because I’m suddenly in “demo” mode.
The only option is to download the latest version from your website, install it and re-authenticate the version.
After doing that, the program works perfectly.

Hi @johnny.de_gruyter, does this happen with every update that we release for Topaz Photo AI for you?

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Most of the time, Werner.
Occasional, it works from time to time, but most of the time I need to download the version seperatly and install it. No big problem, as I also download and keep a copy of the latest installed version on my nas.
And then I need to authenticate every time after installation.
It’s not blocking as there’s a sollution. I’m using Windows10 with the latest updates.

Understood – if this happens again with version 1.3.3 that we are releasing later today, please create a new post on our bugs and issues forum so we can troubleshoot!

Bugs and Issues - Photo AI

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Hi Werner,

I will create a new post on the forum.

But I want to share my installation process in this word-file.

Didn’t had to authorise this time, but pushing the “update” button 3 time, before getting a correct installation. Only when I used “account - check for updates”, the download of the version started. Both times I pressed the “update” button on the right top, I only got an error message (see the word-file attached).


(Attachment Topaz Photo AI 1.3.3 installation.docx is missing)

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