Updating Topaz Labs Apps

Hi All,

I have not been very active with my photos lately…I’ve purchased a good number of Topaz apps over the years, and I realize that some are most likely out of date. What is the quickest and easiest way to make sure Im running updated versions of all that I’ve purchased?

Thanks in advance

Kenny in NJ

I don’t know of any “fast” way to determine if you have the latest version other than going to the Download section where the plugins list their latest version, https://www.topazlabs.com/downloads

Make note of the current versions of those you own and compare with those you have installed. That information can usually can be found in the About section of the plug-in’s menu.

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Thanks. I guessed that might be the only way to go. I was hoping for some “auto updating” system or at least an alert that an update was available…


Kenny in NJ

I seem to recall (I could be wrong) that periodically opening a plug-in will alert you you to newer versions of the plug-in. Also, while not necessarily fast, most of the Topaz Labs plug-ins offer an opportunity to check for updates from the “Menu” button after opening the plug-in.

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You are correct. As I recall, in the past, the option to check for updates would often return the message “You are running the latest version.” when in fact a new version was available. More than once I’ve had to manually check what the current download version was against what I had installed. Topaz has been doing a much better job these days.