Updating AI software

I just finished a long project and now I’m able to update Denoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel. What is the best way to update these to get the latest versions - just open the programs and click on the offer to Update?

I’m assuming most bugs have been worked out of these.

You can do it from within the program or go to the Topaz download site. I have had no issues with the inprogram installer.

I also haven’t had any issues with using the in program installer lately (windows 10 OS).

I first uploaded Denoise from within the program and that gave me the latest. When I tried Sharpen and Gigapixel it was going to give me the second to latest version but since I discovered the download page I used that to get the latest versions. So far everything runs well and DAI and SAI are called from within Lightroom. I did have to reset graphics processing for Sharpen and Gigapixel to gpu though.