Because topaz no longer updates the legacy apps or Gigapixel ai, sharpen ai, nor denoise ai, isn’t the yearly subscription, in essence, only for photo ai?

Photo AI and Video AI are not subscription as you can buy an extra year of updates whenever you wish. You have full use of the last version that you paid for.

Subscriptions stop working when you stop paying.

No matter how you want to avoid or label it, forcing a software owner to pay an annual fee to receive updates is a subscription. You just may not be able to see it from your position on your knees kissing Topaz’s rear. Topaz made a strategic management error when they stopped offering products / support for creatives. Topaz will be crushed. If I were a Topaz employee, I would begin sending out resumes now.

You can take time out now, try a subscription product and see if it works when you stop paying. Come back in 3 months to report back … you need also to learn some manners.

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