Updates Don't Get Latest Version

Why don’t the updates we do from the programs get the latest versions? I’m on my third very large update for Gigapixel when I had it on 4.4 or 4.5. I download, install, says finished, launch the program, prompts for update again, and then once again. Why doesn’t the installer get 4.6 the first time? I’ve had the same experience with Sharpen and DeNoise, the intermediate downloads and installs are super slow, the downloads are super slow. There has to be a better way for you to handle this.

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I can’t answer your question about why you don’t get the latest version when skipping a version. I think you should get that. I can say that the downloads and install are actually very fast, taking only a few minutes. If it is slow for you then you have low bandwidth internet (or many users on line). I have fast internet that runs at over 200 Mb/s actual during the download.

I am seeing the same thing on my iMac pro versions. The update notice comes up. You jump through the hoops and then when you think you are ready to work, the update comes up again.

I wouldn’t mind the update to the LATEST stable version and be done. However, not only am I seeing multiple update notices, but I am also experiencing a lot of left over junk. Why not prompt to delete old versions?? They are getting installed in different folders and in a hap hazard way. ie:

in applications folder I see:

Topaz Mask AI
Topaz Labs LLC (which includes)
Topaz Studio 2
Topaz Sharpen AI
Topaz Gigapixel AI

(then back out to upper level and we have)
Topaz Labs
Topaz Video Enhance AI

(then back out to upper level and we have)
Topaz Adjust AI
Topaz A.I. Gigapixel

Wow! My head is spinning because the icons are the same and the subtitles are the same so sometimes I open 2.2.x and then 2.1.x (as examples) and if I open the old one, I get a prompt to update for something I already have but mistakenly opened due to mismanagement of installer paths…(not by me)

Please clean up the installations, make this organized, and make the update process quick and painless to the latest version, if possible as it would be nice to make them cumulative and not progressive.

if someone wants each version, perhaps a prompt to a) Check box to keep old versions and b) update to latest version only.

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None too sure as I have downloaded the full installers from the relevant page(s).

But I wonder if the GUI update not receiving the most current or as seems to be described above…re-downloading the same one? Is due the change(s) made to the “installer” being changed not too long ago i.e. if the version in GUI updater is the old installer it will not detect the newest version with the new installer.

Does there need to be some clarity injected by the Topaz team…probably.

PS of note this was said on the page about GAI version 4.5 here Gigapixel AI v4.5.0 and my surmise is that Sharpen & DeNoise has seen similar installer changes :wink:


** New installer framework (can keep old one installed)**

Same here I get the next increment of the program and not the latest.
E.g. Mask. I downloaded v1.3.5 installer. It uninstalled the old version and installed v1.1.1
Actually after 30 minutes updating this the only .exe file changed was UpdateManager