Updates.............but changelog not showing it

Hi all

I noticed the evening when I opened Gigapixel that it says update available but the changelog still shows v.4.1.2 the version I am already running :slight_smile:

On the other hand Sharpen AI is also showing an update and the changelog says it is v1.3.0 from 17th July that is ‘there’. Note ~ using v1.2.1 now

So why no changelog update (yet?) for Gigapixel???

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The changelog isn’t updated always when the new update is released. But it will be updated at some point.

I see…but if they can update the log for Sharpen, why not Gigapixel bearing in mind both updates appear to have been released on the same date (17th July?)

And IMO to leave the log unchanged after the release is a bit like “cart before the horse”. I for one like to check the changelog before I update :wink:

There was an issue where our changelogs were stuck on an older version. That should be fixed now!

Hi Eric @eric

Well, a partial update…in that the Gigapixel log page is now the same style as the Sharpen AI one :wink:

But the most recent on the page has not changed i.e. it is still the June 14th v4.1.2…so what about the more recent update (of 17th July???) :slight_smile:

I have just seen, as I was following another thread and checked, that v4.2.1 is listed on the changelog and dated 19th July.

So where is the (more detailed) ref to v.4.2.0 ???

PS though the version number noted on the installer download page says v4.2.0