Updates and download times

It seems that every time I open Photo AI there is a new download available. Once I click Update the download purgatory begins. It seems like you download the entire application every time a new update is released. First the initial download takes upwards of an hour then once that finishes and you click install another series of downloads commences. Once they are installed and you open Photo AI and start to edit a message appears that some models need to be downloaded before you can start editing. More downloading. I can spend hours waiting for all of these downloads to finish. You need to do MUCH better or I will have to skip the updates.

Hey carl our developers are working to get that bug fixed in the next update for Topaz Photo AI, some temporary work arounds you could try in the mean time are

  1. Delete and reinstall the app from “My Products" page: https://topazlabs.com/my-account/downloads/

  2. Revert back to 2.2.2 via the link below
    Windows: https://downloads.topazlabs.com/deploy/TopazPhotoAI/2.2.2/TopazPhotoAI-2.2.2.msi

Mac: https://downloads.topazlabs.com/deploy/TopazPhotoAI/2.2.2/TopazPhotoAI-2.2.2.pkg