Update to Themis?

Will there be some updates to Themis in the future? I find that it works really for deblurring, but has a couple issues preventing me from using it all the time.

  1. For fine details, like hair, it frequently creates artifacts, even for videos that don’t have any motion blur. I like to process my videos in bulk, and since I can’t programmatically tell which ones are blurry, I would ideally just apply themis to all of them. It works great on non-blurred videos other than this fine details issue.

  2. It works incredibly well for slight and moderate blur. For extremely shaky motion it creates lots of artifacts. It’d be nice to be able to configure it and say ‘cut off at this point’ or just be able to tone down the overall effect. I think it’s just slightly too strong. On the balance I’d prefer letting something stay blurry over having artifacts.

I can provide some example videos if it can be helpful.

Some examples of artifact vs blur