Update to Mac 1.5.2

I’ve installed Topaz Photo AI on my MacBook Air (M1) and have been prompted to download an update to 1.5.2.
However, once the Installer reaches ‘Download AI Models’ it fails to do this, but reports that the download has been successful (which it has not).
Very frustrating!
Please advise.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.5.1] on [Mac]

Please run the Topaz Photo AI installer again. Once the installation finishes or fails, do not close the installer window and follow the steps below to send me the installer logs.

  1. While the installer window is open, click the following menu on the top of your screen, Window > Installer Log.
  2. Click the dropdown menu on the top bar and select “Show All Logs”.
  3. Then save the file and email it to me.

Here’s a video with instructions on how to get the logs. I should be able to determine exactly what is happening here with this information.

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