Update from 7.1.1 to 7.1.3 refuses to run

Opened application. Says “2 updates available”. Clicked on that. Update screen appeared. Clicked on “update”. “Install update” appeared on main screen, top right hand. Clicked on that. Application just closed.

Same problem here - Windows 10. Uninstalled and reinstalled x 2 including removal of registry items as previously suggested. No desktop icon and no listing in recent items in Start. Tried to launch from Topaz Gigapixel AI.exe in Explorer but nothing. Also no luck running as admin.

David - that sounds frustrating for sure.

Were you able to resolve this issue?

We have seen users uninstall the whole app and re-install to resolve but if you’re unable to use that option, please feel free to submit a ticket with our Support team and we can communicate with you more directly to help troubleshoot your conflict.

Hi Delux - can you try uninstalling the apps and reinstalling using a direct download of version 7.1.3?

I’m wondering if that will help resolve.

If not, we can have you submit a ticket with our Support team and we can work together to resolve.

Thanks for the reply Esther. I don’t see a direct download option - where might I find that. All links for download bring up a small installer program. Also, I neglected to state in my post that Gigapixel AI will also not load when used as a Photoshop plugin.

You can find our downloads page here and then scroll down to find Gigapixel and click on the right installer for your computer.

Let’s have you try to download the 7.1.3 installer first and see if this successfully gets you a working version.

Please verify if the Ps plugin crashing in this version and if it does, we will need to get your system log files. How to Access System Logs

You can start a support ticket and send these logs to us as a ZIP file so we can download them and review.

Hello Esther. I tried using the installer and the problems persists - Gigapixel AI won’t launch as a stand alone or as a Photoshop plugin. As the program crashes I’m unable to access the log files via the program. The log files subfolder in C:/programfiles/Topaz Labs llc/Topaz gigapixel ai/logs is empty. The corresponding logs files in c:/programdata/… is present but contains zero bytes. Any further thoughts ? Should I rollback to previous versions?

Hi Delux,
I think we need to start a direct line of communication. There may be some details we need to check like your hardware and we can work together to get those logs.

You can definitely rollback to a previous version if you’re pressed for a project or need to use Gigapixel if you’re in a time crunch.

But to get you faster response, I’d recommend starting a Support ticket.

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