Update 2.2.0 very disappointing

The failure of the check for updates after installing 2.2.0 wasn’t a good start, and getting 40 new Looks is all well and good (actually of almost no benefit to me) , but this update appears to have done absolutely nothing to advance the travel along the now rather outdated roadmap, or even correct issues previously reported like the problems with the crop tool, and the significant color cast introduced in the previous update. Yes I know Studio 2 is not a raw editor, but it was a recent introduced regression, and an issue that doesn’t happen with Studio 1.

I’m finding it very difficult to retain enthusiasm for this particular Topaz product


Topaz will pull through in the end. I believe they underestimated the “attrition” on our hardware which the new AI technologies involve. Graphics card makers are beginning to catch on, and supply hardware more capable of dealing with AI graphics.

I have been enjoying the fantastic range of Topaz products for 11 years; I will stay loyal to them!

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If you look at the changelog it is an update to the installers ONLY with new Looks.


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yes, an update to the installers that do not work in lots of cases. So for many of us, this problem has not been solved!

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I requested a link to Studio 2.1.13 which had a more acceptable RAW presentation. At first I got the run a round with no link but today I got an email from a different customer specialist (Ben) with a link. I am posting it here for anyone who wants to downgrade to that version.