Unusable DNG

DNG saved by Topaz Photo AI (about 4,1GB after max. enlarge - only about 4,5x) - both:

  • from CR3 (Canon 90D RAW)
  • from DNG (Adobe)
    can’t be opened by Adobe Photoshop - both:
  • stable 24.7.0
  • beta 25.0.0.
    so its unusable :frowning:

@remigiusz.grudzien What happens when you try to open the file in Photoshop? Are you getting an error message?

Do smaller files that haven’t been processed by Photo AI open in your Photoshop fine?

When I try open DNG (4,1GB) in Photoshops there is only message like:
You can’t make make it because it is not correct type of document/file.

I have tried small CR2 file from 400D - shot in studio with white background:
DNG file from Topaz about 60MB is being opened by Photoshops,
but new problem have appeared:
background is lighted up by the flash and in most of the photo behind the person is 100% white (RGB 255,255,255), but it is slightly darker (248,248,248) - NOT VISIBLE - at the edges and Topaz made yellow dotted line somewhere at 253,253,253 and 251,251,251 :frowning:

Have you corrected the problems described above???

Have you corrected the problems described above???

It’s hard to visualize the conflict here, can you send a screenshot? That’ll help us troubleshoot.

“visualise” - do you mean that part of “edges” ???
What about DNG incompatibility ???

Can you submit a support ticket to support.topazlabs.com using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page? You’ll be able to securely send files for further testing and troubleshooting.

You’ll also get much quicker responses there to fix the issue as soon as possible. Thanks!