Unknown Error

That all i got after Update 3.1.11. Nothing works anymore.

Do a search on the forum and see if you can find a relevant post with this error.

could you post the error message? that we will have a clue what we dealing with to try and help.

It just says: “Unknown Error”
“Please check our video processing troubleshooting guide.”

I checked again and it only happens when I use “Proteus”.
If I use Artemis, Gaia or Theia then everything works.

I believe that it may be a ffmpeg error as I have seen on the forum.

I’m not shure about ffmpeg…
I changed the Video Type under Enhancement AI (with AI Model Proteus):
“Progressive” Error!
“Interlaced” works
“Interlaced Progressive” works

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I get this occasionally, also using Proteus, even using 3.1.09. I thought it was due to processing a long video (2 hours+), but when I broke it down to smaller pieces it still happened. Then I stopped changing the preview while processing was going on and it seemed to work. Not scientific and only a small sampling, but so far so good.