Unknown Error with many videos and Dione

I have to deinterlace and cleanup old DVD videos.
Since a few versions (probably following the ffmpeg bump to v6), very often processing is aborted with an “Unknown Error” shown in the UI.
I use the following parameters:
(I intentionally set the frame rate to 25 fps. I don’t want the result to use 50 fps. I don’t want to upscale either.)

Additional observations:

  • The chance for the export to fail is even higher when “Replace Duplicate Frames” is ticked.
  • I sometimes can successfully create previews or process parts of the full file. But trying to process the full video produces the above error.
  • I’ve encountered the error also with 1080i input material, so the common factor appears to be the interlacing and not the resolution.

DxDiag.zip (23.1 KB)
2023-05-02-10-38-54-Main.zip (210.6 KB)

This isn’t a solution, but just to mention that I use the (free) HandBrake app or the ffmpeg built-in deinterlace filter. Either of these are many times faster than TVAI and you have the option of 2 fields to 1 frame e.g. 50i to 25p.



I know of these filters. The point of using VideoAI is that its deinterlacing is producing so much better results.

Morning! For issues like this, please contact us via Support. This is not a bug.

I did take a look at your Dxdiag and logs and I see that your driver needs to be updated. This may or may not be why you are running into these issues, however, your logs did not provide enough information for me to investigate this thoroughly.

Let’s start off with a driver update and if that does not work, please follow up through the Support channel.

We suggest updating your graphics card by using these steps:

  1. Go to the NVidia Driver Download Page.

  2. Enter in the information for your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080

  3. In the search results, you will want to use the Studio option.

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