Undesired Artifacts

After processing with Topaz Photo AI, there are pink artifacts in the image

  1. Select photo Adobe Lightroom Classic version 12.4,.
  2. Select Photo AI from the Plug-In Extras menu
  3. In Photo AI leave defaults (in this case only Remove Raw Noise was selected)

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.12 on Windows 11 Home

See attached

This is a known issue with the Raw Remove Noise model. Please open the Remove Noise filter and increase the Strength slightly to prevent this.

We are updating the Raw Remove Noise models to prevent this artifact in the next 2 months.

how do we handle this when we batch process images using the raw model?

You need to batch process using the non-RAW models by generating a TIFF, JPEG or PNG from LR (or any other application) and process those.

You can turn on Raw Remove Noise - Normal and increase the Strength for one image, then use the Apply Settings to All feature to have the rest of the images use the same settings for Remove Noise.

This is not a great solution, we will be working on features that should make this easier in coming updates.

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