Unable to use Studio 1.6.11 with Windows 10

Hi, I have tried Studio 1.6.11 on 2 different P.Cs, with the same results.

But if I click on the Studio sub folders ie, CLARITY, DETAIL, IMPRESSION, they will not open.
So I have rolled back to 1.5.3 to continue using Studio. This works fine.

I have had problems for a while now but thought that I would try again.
Using 1.5.3 if I attempt to update via update I get a box that offers me
add remove components
update components
remove all components
in bold lettering it says NO UPDATES AVAILABLE.

I now see that there is 1.7.6 being offered. But I cannot see where to download it.
But I also noticed that on the 1.7.6 update the option to rollback to 1.5.3 has been removed.
You now rollback to 1.6.11. which doesn’t work for me. So If 1.7.6 fails I will end up with a part functional Studio if I cannot use 1.5.3.

After a recent update I am at windows 10 build 16299.

Please post details about your Technical Environment and when you say you have uninstalled make sure that you also delete the appdata folder at “%LocalAppData%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio” before you reinstall … note copy the string within the quotes and paste in the Windows Explorer to get to the appdata folder.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have deleted the appdata as suggested and without tempting fate, things seem to be working OK. Thanks for that.

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