Unable to use Community Presets in Studio v.1.0.7

I have just discovered that I can not use the Community Presets in Studio on my Mac, I would also like to mention that I know of 1 other member/Mac user that has this same issue for a longer period than me?

When I try to access the community preset it causes the spinning beach ball and I have to force quit out of Studio v…1.0.7.
I have not had this issue with any previous versions of Studio. I did find a work around for the moment but was wondering how many Mac or Windows users may have come upon this issue as well?

I also noticed within the MY Presets category that I have about 5 or 6 “Unnamed” presets at the top of the list. I try to delete them and do… but then see that they only return back to the list?

Any thoughts?

Where do you find the Community Presets?

What I used to do, can’t at the moment as I can’t start Studio (since 1.0.1), is log out of the community then delete the offending Presets as they seem to be downloaded to your local as well. Then log back into the community and delete the online ones.

In Studio look under the Trend_New etc. when you find something you like the you can save them to your favs.

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@AiDon, in Studio v.1.0.7, I don’t see any way to log in to the community? In the top menu bar_Community_ the only choices are… Switch Users_Forum_Gallery?

My apologies I guess you need to be signed in to the Forum all the time unlike Impression, Glow and TE. my excuse is I haven’t been able to get Studio running since v1.0.1 as it doesn’t even startup, just hangs and crashes.

I can’t find the Community presets either - there is nothing in any of the menus which leads me to them. Although I am not actually using Studio at the moment because I still have that overlarge interface which is impossible to navigate (please make the side panels adjustable!) but I check every now and again and noticed yesterday that there are no Community presets.

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@AngieD … look at the image I posted above. In that strip of icons you will see Trend, New… click on them and presets shared by user will appear in the left panel column. Click on one and it will apply the effect, if you like it you can save it to your favs.

Thanks for that - confusing me as I was looking for ‘Community’ such as you would find in TE .

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