Unable to update TPAI

Windows 11 laptop (my second seat) - message two updates available at top right of screen.
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Click on the message
  2. Click on Install Now
  3. The screen showing all the updates with version 2.1.1 11/9/2023 shows up
  4. Click on Update
    It just sits there and does nothing except revert back to the mainscreen with the last folder I opened in order to select an image for processing.

Senior citizen - not tech. sophisticated. Haven’t ever had any problems updating before on this machine or my primary machine.

Thanks for direction.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.0.7] on Windows 11.

Apologize. I have rebooted the laptop and tried to install the updates again to no avail. Thank you.

The in-App update process seems somewhat faulty sometimes.

Better download the full installer from here:

and then execute this one.

Did the download and full installer as suggested. It went smoothly and all seems to be well.
Thanks very much for the help. Appreciate the prompt reply.

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