Unable to process all .VOB files on DVD disk

I have a DVD containing scans of 16mm movie film. The file structure appears to be what I am used to seeing. There are three .VOB files (VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2, and VTS_01_3), on each disk.
When I load the dvd into TVAI, the first VOB file loads correctly. However, the second and third files will not load at all. If I import this same DVD into Premiere, all VOB files can be read.
I would appreciate any suggestions.

Bob W

First try to join all Vob files with MakeMKV then load the generated Mkv into TVAI


Thanks so much, Carlito. I converted the three vob files on each DVD into one MKV file and it worked just fine. I have learned a great deal of very useful information in this group.

Bob W