Unable to open TIFF file created by AI Gigapixel

I tried to do a 400% upscale on a Nikon NEF file. After processing the TIFF file could not be opened by Photoshop or Lightroom. Nor will it open in Windows Photo Viewr (“It looks like we don’t support this format”) I am on a Windows 10 machine with the new 1809 update.

What’s happening?

Please post both the size in megabytes and the pixel dimensions of the original NEF and the resulting TIF.

Right click on the images, select properties and then the details pane.

NEF original file 51.5MB 8256 x 5504 pixels

output file is 3.99 GB-there were no pixel dimensions listed

It seems like you have a corrupt output file.

Try and run it again and make sure that the completed image list has the green tick appearing, and don’t use the Clear All button until it has completed. If that is no help please raise a support request at the link above, the completed image list should look like this:

Also, just a reminder you are creating an extremely large image that could be printed at 10 feet wide even at 300dpi.

If you only want to crop out a portion I would recommend you crop before enlarging.