Unable to open Adjust and jpeg-raw on my Mac computer

Adjust and jpeg-
raw not opening on MAC

This is from the Topaz website:

Legacy AI Programs

Note: In 2020, we made the decision to focus on our Image Quality apps moving forward and discontinue development on what we called our “creative” apps. These AI apps were discontinued as a result.

Since those those apps are no longer supported by Topaz, it’s quite likely they no longer run on your OS.

Besides, they are not covered by any “subscription”. If you do indeed keep your licences up to date, then GigaPixel AI can convert JPGs to DNG. I am not sure that any other current Topaz apps can substitute for Adjust, but you can probably achieve all that you want to achieve in your main photo editing software, most of which now have AI capability…

You will need to reinstall if you have changed the OS.

If it is M1/M2 chip make sure you have Rosetta 2 installed.