Unable To Delete Topaz Desktop Icon


Using version 3.3.6 in Windows 10 Pro 22H2, the installer does not give an option to not create a desktop icon and I am unable to delete the one it creates in every user. Selecting the icon and pressing the delete key brings up a delete confirmation dialog then click OK but the icon is not removed. There should be a prompt to grant admin rights for this action, but there is none, so that could be the issue. I have tried deleting the icon with administrator rights and get the same problem.

Thank you in advanced.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

We are unable to reproduce this behavior and are able to remove the shortcuts without any type of admin access.

If you want to try removing it from somewhere else, the shortcut is in C:\Users\Public\Desktop .

We don’t have any plans to make the shortcut optional at the moment

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