Unable to activate

When I run Gigapixel 7, I get a popup saying I need to click Activate to authenticate through your browser. When I click Activate, it opens a new browser tab, and when I sign in, it says it has successfully activated and I can close the tab. However, the Activate popup never goes away. If I restart the app, the popup appears again. If I click the Activate again, it opens the Browser tab, says I am signed in, but the popup does not go away. I can’t do anything with the program when it’s like this.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Known connection blockers such and Anti-virus applications or even Browser extensions such as Norton safe-search are known to cause activation conflicts.

I’d advise disabling any such software, if you are running any, prior to attempting to activate again.

I have turned off anti-virus and disabled any extensions on the browser, but it is still not Activating the account. I have tried on both Chrome and Firefox.

Would you please reach out to our Topaz Labs support team so we can investigate this more efficiently?