UI reverts to single view whenever a control is touched

Usability is terrible. each time I touch a control to make an adjustment, the preview goes away. The app feels dumbed down and I don’t like ilt. I’m going to try to reinstall the old version so I can get something done b/c the new functionality is not acceptable. This is not the way forward. it’s impossible to work in any granular fashion. Unbelievably bad.

Sounds strange, no issues on Win 11 with Photo AI v1.2.9

Are you on Windows or Mac, if Mac delete the plist files before opening the app. If you are on Windows Update your GPU drivers to the latest from the GPU manufacturers website.

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to help when little or no information is provided.

You haven’t even supplied the version of the software, I assume it’s Photo AI as you posted in that thread, or your OS or your technical environment.