UI bugs in V1.12.6

I am using Topaz Studio on a German Windows 10 installation mostly as plugin launched by other applications.

  1. Can not enter decimal numbers into number fields, 1 and 0 works, but 0.5 or 0,5 does not

  2. By switching the category in the preset panel for some tags like ‘Studio’ or ‘Impression’ the ‘Public effects button’ is automatically switch on even it was turned off before.

  3. Syncing behavior is still annoying, especially if using Topaz Studio as plugin, syncing at every launch interrupts the workflow unnecessary.

I am not sure what PC you are using but make sure the Region, Regional Format and Keyboard settings are correct.

My PC isn’t German but using any entry field with decimals is fine and the Public effects button stays as it is. Note even though it is set to Thailand Region, Australian format I can still use “.” or “,” as the decimal. That is part of the Windows 10 entry format recognition.