Two weeks waiting for support reply

I’m having issues logging in to AI Gigapixel and Sharpen AI. I’ve submitted two tickets over the past 12 days, reached out on Twitter, Facebook, and even sent a fax. No reply yet. I had a couple projects I really needed the software for last week but made do without it. Based on comments on your Facebook page, I’m far from alone.

What’s the deal?

I believe the latest versions of both these products have corrected that intermittent issue. Please make sure that the version of GigaPixel AI you are using is v4.0.2 and Sharpen AI is v1.1.3

Also don’t use special characters in your password at this point in time.

Can you tell me your secret to even getting Topaz to reply to an email? I’ve been trying to get a reply to multiple support tickets for over two weeks now. Support is an absolute joke.

Have you tried raising a support request at the Need Help? link on the header to this page? Emails are notoriously unreliable in any case, not just Topaz.

This comment was directed at OP from the other thread you split this off from. But yes, from my dedicated thread I did make, I have made multiple tickets, emailed, reached out on Facebook and Twitter, and even sent a fax. This isn’t a case of something being unreliable. It’s a case of objectively terrible support.

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Thank you for the response. I will give that a try.

Edit: Unfortunately that didn’t do anything. :frowning:

Sadly you are not alone.

I have one ticket that’s been open for a month regarding Topaz Studio 1.14.3
One ticket that’s been open for 22 days re AI Gigapixel 3.1.1
One ticket that’s been open for 14 days on AI Gigapixel 4.0
One ticket that has been open for 13 days on AI sharpen.

It would seem that that support system is somewhat overloaded. All we can do is hope they eventually get around to our queries, or that the issues get resolved by updates first.


A month? Oh boy. I hope they get their act together soon because clearly a ton of people are pissed. Saw the photo I attached on Twitter even.

Edit: Heh, guess my screenshot wasn’t allowed.

I’m not sure that bombarding them with tickets will help, I have sent a message asking Topaz look at your particular issue.

I have asked the same question of Topaz in your case.

And remember on this user to user forum some of your issues may already have active threads but not account based issues.

I sent three tickets over 14 days. I’m honestly not really sure what you would have wanted me to do. It’s hard to believe that anything would have ever happened had I just kept waiting after my first message.

Thank you, I have finally received a reply. So hopefully this can get worked out.

I submitted 2 different questions through the support channel on March 13th. 5 days later, I sent a follow-up message asking for a reply. That was 1 month ago - I gave up. My account still shows them open for 1 month.

What was the issue?

One was a question about Clear (where it fits now, and is it redundant/obsolete?), and the other was an issue with trials that I had apparently checked out, but never installed or used and I asked if they could be reset. But I assume all of this should be in the support ticket queue (?).

I would like to add though, that before this latest incident, the last time I sent a support request I did get a fairly quick reply and was rather impressed; but that was several months ago (maybe even late last year).

I can’t speak on your trials because they are activated if you choose Try Pro and will expire 30 days after that. You need to rely on your ticket for that issue.

On the other AI Clear is not obsolete.

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I too have a support ticket that’s now been open over 20 days. I’ve followed up with additional messages trying to see if I could get any response. In the past, I’ve had relatively prompt responses to inquiries and support issues. My issue is having purchased the product (Sharpen AI) but never received the license. Should be pretty simple to verify with the e-receipt I attached to track down and provide my license. I use many Topaz tools and although I’m just a photo hobbyist, I do tag Topaz when I post in Flickr. I do have just under a half million views of my images on flickr… thinking I need to remove the Topaz tag from my images if they are not going to be active in providing customer support and/or resolving issues.

There is no license, download the application and install to your PC and then login using the account details when the application starts. This will then validate your ownership.

I want to send a big thank you @AiDon for finally getting someone to reply to my ticket. I wish I didn’t have to go through so many hoops to get someone from Topaz to reply to me, but glad it’s been resolved!

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