Two requests for future updates

Hi, I use this app for interpolating my CG renders, so in all cases I am starting with an image sequence that is missing every other frame. It would be great if the app could recognize sequences like this so that I don’t have to run them through a batch renamer and renumber the images every time.

Second: I’m not a fan of how the app has to check in on every launch to get out of “Trial” mode. I paid for the software, It should be able to run at least for a while without an internet connection. Can you please change this behavior?

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi Adam, I’ve noted your feature request for custom naming of image sequence outputs with skipped frames.

By default, the app should stay authenticated for 30 days without an internet connection, could you try logging out and back in (while still connected to the internet) to see if it starts to work offline? Thanks

I did log out and in again, and tried starting it while offline, yep it works fine, thanks! I think the yellow “trial mode” button that shows up in the corner when I launch it every time was spooking me. Thanks for noting my request!