Two pass "Auto Intermediate Resolution" doesn't work as expected when Nyx is the second pass

The “Auto Intermediate Resolution” option in the two pass processing section doesn’t work as expected when Nyx is the second pass.

For example, if I select the final output to be 3840x2160 (2x the original resolution), then select Gaia as the first pass, then Nyx as the second pass, I would expect this:
Gaia 2x → Nyx 1x

But instead it does this:
Gaia 1x → Nyx 1x → Lanczos 2x

This seems to be because the “Auto Intermediate Resolution” option is acting as if Nyx is a fully fledged upscaler with 2x and 4x variants when it isn’t.

Example of settings I used:

Good find. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t run into Nyx being disabled when I set the output to higher than 1X. I think this behavior is not ideal, but better than what I was expecting.

Thanks for this report. We’re going to update the application logic here to not use Nyx for scaling when Second Enhancement is enabled.

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