Two machines, two email addresses

Hi helpful people,

Please can you help me with this problem.

I have Photo AI original version, DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI.
I want to buy a third ‘seat’, and I then want to use the products on a Mac that I have a different email address on. Al my Macs are mine, not used by anyone else, but one of them has a different email address on it, for personal security reasons (and no, I’m not having an affair that I need to keep secret!)

So is this possible? Otherwise it looks as if I would have to buy a whole new set of Topaz apps, which is unnecessarily costly as it is just me using it.

Thanks, Ruth

The email you use for the apps has nothing to do with the hardware. Just activate using the email you buy the extra seat under.

Hi AiDon, thankyou. I’ll try and install it on the third machine and see how I get on. Thanks