Two days to process a nine second video

I am deleting the process for the video mentioned . The growth of the grass in my backyard is progressing at a faster rate.

Are you using a 386SX CPU ?

No, not at all. is that the issue, lack of grunt . Obviously two different animals but Im using , simply a macbook pro(M2) relatively new . No problems with Topaz photo ai , very good results and quite fast , upscales from midjourney upscales . very clean. havnt used gigapixel as yet. Did a longer (30 second ) video upscale a week ago , quite good result ( pika labs edited in capcut ) Cant remember if it took long though? I think i was asking too much of the ai for the last one . Or is it a case of my device simply not having the mechanics to drive the request? as i say the Topaz photo was very good . two very different animals , photo and video(obviously)

you could just revert back to the older version if that worked better!