TVEAI 3x.. Presets V1, V2

Thanks for your vidéo, I’m going to work on it to create a good preset

Here is the link to your video, I worked on a new preset for the HI8 1080 on Proteus 4

Have you receveid ?

not bad! but I find that in all cases, above HD, there is no use because there is not enough basic detail so there is a lot of loss of detail compared to original video and quite distorted details. Thanks for your test anyway :slight_smile:
for the color how did you proceed? I have the impression that it’s in HDR, right?
and deinterlacing? I notice that there are still traces of interlacing on the fast movements, everything is done with vai?

Thank you for your feedback. but given your answer I think that was not what you are looking for as a result I have the impression. I worked on tveai first and for color on resolve, And it’s in SDR not HDR.

yes I’m not looking to upscale in fhd, just in hd, because for me there is too much loss of detail and it looks less natural, but I admit that your settings are really good all the same for someone who is looking of the fhd. and I plan to apply a final grain in the sequences because it hides the plastic effect or the few artifacts that may remain.

I am looking for a preset for 1280x720 from bad quality videos for example 688x470 sources. If you can help me with that I can send you a video for example?