I am so disappointed with this software from Topaz Labs. I love Topaz Photo, and all their other products but Topaz Video AI is a total failure in my book. I am glad that I still have Video Enhance AI. I tried Topaz Vidoe AI last night on both of my computers and both gave me an “AI Error” and these were only small files many under a2 minutes. On my Dell G7 Laptop, i7-9750H CPU, RTX2060 GPU, 64GB Ram. My main computer is a i9-12900KF with 128GB Ram and an RTX3090.
The power is there but the software is not. Oututs chosen was the NVidia Main10 (NVidia). I NEVER have problems with Video Enhance AI but I need/want the H265 format for my 3D VR180 files 8192x4098 from my Canon R5C with RF5.2mm Dual Fisheye Lens. The computers ran overnight to try to get this completed for a presentation tomorrow. I will not use this software again. Back to Video Enhance AI in ProRes until you guys can make a software that really works. Feel free to contact me if you need more info.

Please make an upload of the original files. Add a description of the options you want to be applied so I can make a test run myself here. :slight_smile:


I can do that but understand that these are 8K VR180 files. They are quite large. Can your upload accomadte some as big as 7GB?

Yes I can handle files of that size. What sort of processing do you do on those files? I guess another upscale won’t be necessary at 8 k resolution. :slight_smile:

@exploretv Hi there! Please reach out to me through Support and make sure you share the logs that correspond with this issue as well as your full system profile.