TVAI De-Interlacing (4.0.9) with .MTS

TVAI De-Interlacing (4.0.9) with .MTS

it is a known UI bug for MTS files, but the actual rendering would do it correctly.
you should select the x2 if you wish the deinterlacing to be at 50 fps (ignore the UI saying it would do 100fps) and you should be good.
I raised this as a bug ages ago, but it was not resolved…

Dear Akila - Thank you very much, very kind of you to reply to my message. I saw that you are a BETA TESTER.
Your recommendation to simply answer the conversion with 2x is exactly right. As you saw from my message, after several hours I also came up with this solution. It’s a pity that Topaz hadn’t implemented your error message by today (4.0.9). It would certainly have saved us many hours.
I made these recordings in Key West in 2010. I then created all later videos with 50p. Too bad you don’t live near me. I’m sure we could have complemented each other well. Maybe our paths will cross one day.

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