TVAI 5.0.4 Stable - AION model "error": conversion don't start!

Thanks for the tip… I need to try as soon as possible to see if on my Windows 11 PC it solves the “problem”…

Let’s say it’s obvious that this AI model still needs to be optimized… so many users still say they have problems and the speed is REALLY so slow compared to other similar models!

Hopefully GPU hardware acceleration support for NVIDIA cards will be added as soon as possible properly…

Small, thankfully positive UPDATE on the issue:

for the last few days I have been doing some tests with 3-4 different videos (some already used in the past, some new, both at 1080p and 4K resolution): I can’t tell the reason, whether because of the new version 5.0.3 or because of the updated model, but FOR NOW every conversion done at 6x or 8x with AION has always resulted in positive outcomes, so the conversions have succeeded perfectly without giving any error (both whole videos and cut videos).

@tony.topazlabs @kyle.topazlabs
Have you done any “silent updates” to improve the AION problem? if so, this is the right direction :wink:

I am not aware of any changes but will check with the team if there was something else that was altered that helped with this situation.

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Thanks… I remain waiting for updates about this situation: I also ask other users who have or had problems with AION to see if the situation has improved on a “general” level or only for me! :smiley:

However, even with this new stable version 5.0.4, I confirm that the problems (SEEM) gone using AION even with the “Duplicate frames” option enabled… who of you still experience problems with errors or crashes at startup?

HI there, I was having trouble with the latest VIDEO AI version, the Dione Robust model kept crashing on me when trying to upscale 720p to 4k. Since lowering the memory usage from 100 to between 50 and 75%, Its working okay now, perhaps the developers will realse a fix to allow 100% memory usage. for now, I found a workaround. Cheers

thank you for your feedback, but in this discussion we are talking about the problems of the AION model (which has much higher VRAM demands than the other AI models)… and then, without knowing your PC configuration, it is not clear whether the problem is with your limited hardware or the program!

Anyway, do the test with the AION model, and see if decreasing VRAM usage solves it, but it probably does!

I also had VRAM problems in the past with an RTX 4070 Ti SUPER which has 16GB of GDDR6X… so I reported it: for now, the problems seem to be solved, but here I was asking for feedback from those who have a different configuration than mine!

I’m on an Apple M1 Max with 64GB of RAM and been having the same issue where Aion gives and out of memory error when it tries to start processing. I get this error on 4K videos but everything seems to work fine on FHD and lower resolutions. Reducing memory usage in preferences doesn’t change the issue.

Out of curiousity, I poked around in my log file and saw this line which maybe relevant.

Output Err: Size (2176) of dimension (1) is not in allowed range (64…2048)

Could this be a setting in the model where 4K videos (vertical 2160) are beyond its allowed parameter? That might explain why lower resolution videos are working as their vertical dimension is below 2048. Note that the vertical dimensions of my 4K videos are 2160 but the error says 2176 for some reason.

Anyway, I’m by no means an expert in this but I’d really like to get Aion working on my videos so passing this along if it’s helpful!

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Speaking as a user since Windows 11 (and Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti SUPER GPU with 16GB of GDDR6X VRAM), I must say that lately I have not experienced any more problems even with 4K videos, slowed down with the AION model at 6x and “Duplicate Frames” enabled… I am curious if this “improvement” is due to some program-specific update or not, some other user’s testimony would be useful:

as for your experience, thanks that you told us about it… but I can’t be of the slightest help, not using macOS!